About us


I’m your typical geek. Computers and technology are a big part of my life. I got my first computer when I was 19 years old I think (lol) and one of the first things I remember using back then was a CD-ROM with Rolling Stones stuff, like songs, albums, bio etc. Yes, back then (1999 or something) it was still very cool with CD-ROMs. A bit later, I was introduced by my brother to a little game that changed my whole world. Half life! I have been a fan of Valve and Gordon Freeman ever since.

But even before that, as a child I used to love video games. My siblings and I used to burn many hours in front of my brother’s Atari and I was always “borrowing” his Gameboy 😛

Anyway, a couple of years before owning my own computer and after an intense year of studying – in other words sitting a lot –  I was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis also known as Bekhterev’s disease.

So there I was a geek, in love with computers but with a spine disease which was causing my bones to ache whenever I was sitting still for a long time. And don’t get me started about waking up in the morning. Oh I was doomed… or was I?

Luckily, my doctor said that besides some anti-inflammatory pills that I was prescribed for a few months, the best medicine is exercising. He said that the best thing you can do is to keep yourself trained and keep that spine moving. Swimming was the first recommendation but any type of training is awesome.

wp-image-1182424211jpg.jpgFast forward almost 20 years and here I am, still with the same disease but with no pain at
all. And it’s not like I’m a fitness junkie or anything but I have been training through the years and I do try to keep myself in motion. I still swim but not as often as I can but what I do, almost on a daily basis, is taking long walks. Also, I should mention at this point that my gaming habits have only become worse 🙂

But it’s not just gaming that I love. I love gadgets, I love Google’s phones (Nexus 6P owner at the time), I love Razer’s peripherals, I love my Lenovo tablet…and the list goes on.

So as you see I’m a geek who likes to exercise to stay healthy and energetic. As a new mom I need all the energy I can get and believe it or not even though coffee is a balsam to my soul, exercising is making me way more alert.

Also, if you have been reading our blog, you know about our training journey here together with my pilates trainer sister.


Well here I am bringing the fitness in this duo … funny if you think I hated gym class in school, yep there was always an excuse for me to avoid it. Don’t get me wrong I was always doing the workout the laps the abs the squats but when that was over we were usually given a ball either to play basketball or volleyball and I have to say I wasn’t enjoying team sports. I like working out though, I remember cutting out magazine pages with routines for the perfect abs and exercising in my room. I really tried going to the gym also but I didn’t enjoy it much apart from the treadmill.

One day I read an article on how Jennifer Aniston does Pilates and she has these perfect strong abs – I am obessesed with abs. So I started trying to find what Pilates was and I was obsessed with finding a place to do it! It wasn’t popular yet in Greece, there were only 3 or 4 studios in the country. I was lucky enough to find out that a studio had just opened near my house and that was it. The first benefit I got was an instant cure to my insomnia … As the time went by I decided that this was what I wanted to do in my life, and here I am! I did my professional training and now I am a Pilates certified instructor and then some! I am also TRX and BRIS certified. I also do some pole dancing but that’s just for me 🙂


Important note here about my physical condition, as a kid I suffered from back pains after I fell from the monkey bars one day, and doctors were always telling me they are growth pains. As I was growing up the pain worked its way up to the neck and right arm – especially the arm – feeling numb all the time and sometimes I couldn’t even move it. Still every doctor I visited was telling me it was just overtired and the way I hold the pen was wrong etc. Until one day one good man finally did tests on me and we discovered that I have 4 herniations. or slipped discs if you prefer, probably because of an old injury and flat neck syndrome. Luckily he said all these years I had been practicing Pilates had prevented the discs from slipping even worse -apparently the 3 of them are on an early stage an I have managed to support my neck very well. I might have actually avoided surgery because of this.

I should get to my geeky side now … Well ok it all started with an Atari we used to play for hours as kids (donkey kong ftw) and then game boy came to our lives… I think gameboy was a checkpoint in every kid’s life of my generation. During our teen years our brother got a computer and one of the first games I remember playing was Grim Fandago and Tomb Raider. Yes I am and andventure game junkie since then spending long hours when I finally got my own PC around 19 years old, to solve mysteries and riddles and Lara… oh what can I say about Lara Croft I feel that there is no need to explain myself on the subject.

I have owned every PS since PS2 plus a PSP and a Wii – not so fond of it as it turns out. I also am an android girl still on the Nexus 5 bad boy…



I should point out though that I am not such a good gamer but I do enjoy it and I don’t care when people say I should quit 😛