Finally some “me time” !!!

So I’ve been nagging for some time now for how jealous I am of my clients some times and how I never get time to do pilates for myself. Well I managed to get a free hour for me to have a weekly session at the studio. It’s only once a week but still… It’s something.

Ok I am strong and somehow fit from all the pole practice, but my body has become stiffer especially around the shoulder area. I feel like my body is closins up – I don’t know If you get what I mean.

Even this hour within the week makes a difference. It really helps me regain spine mobility and every time I feel like relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time.

At the moment I focus mostly on my back, shoulders and hip joints. Let’s see If i manage to maintain this schedule and that it will not be a disaster like my meal planning attempt 😛


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