Quiting WoW (World of Warcraft) for a week or so, and why I got back.

img_20180203_143019_6401281078076.jpgI’m not sure if you have read any of my previous posts but if you don’t know, I’m a gamer. As in video games gamer. I play WoW, World of Warcraft and I have been playing it since vanilla, since 2004. Not continuously of course. I had occasional breaks but this past summer I decided to start again.

It’s a nice activity for me. I love games and at this point in my life (having a 2 year old and no free time essentially) it’s the best gaming option. I can login and play for 5, 10, 30 minutes, 1 hour or however long I want. And I love it. It’s not like I can’t play other games for the same amount of time, but for me WoW is what works best for now.

A couple of weeks ago though I decided to quit and I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because I was visiting my mom to the hospital (flew suddenly to Athens to go see her and take care of her for a while, which resulted in this post about life ) and I thought that WoW is not something I’m wiling to do right now, it’s a priority any more.

Big mistake.

I was overwhelmed and I decided to quit the one thing that could help me keep my sanity. Stupid me. Anyway, it didn’t last that long. What contributed significantly actually was  the following birthday present I got from my boyfriend (that my best friend help him make).

Sylvanas Windrunner, Warchief of the Horde


This is Lady Sylvanas people, warchief of the Horde! So I thought to myself “why do you do these stupid things? “.

Then I started my subscription again.

And I played. And I still play. And I love it. It’s my haven.


And that’s my char. Undead warrior lvl 108.


So from now on, no more stupid things. If you are going through a tough period or if something unexpected has happened to you, don’t let go of the things that make you happy. Keep your sanity and take care of you first. If you are not well nothing else is.

For the Horde!



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