Being sick all the time I mean WTF and how to get rid of this annoying cold

I mean c’mon now. When will this end? Ok, I have to admit I have been to a hospital, as a visitor, for a week, 18 hours a day and hospitals are germ pools so I shouldn’t be surprised that I got away with just a common cold. Plus a plane trip *more germs*.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m less annoyed. Having a cold sucks because it’s the most annoying sickness. My nose gets clogged, my brain gets foggy, my body wants to stay in bed covered in shit-loads of blankets and just watch Netflix but… since I’m an adult (lol) I need to go to work and take care of my son. And these are the minimum tasks I need to do. But the cold doesn’t care, it will still eat you alive.

I thought to myself, No! NOPE! I can’t do this anymore. What is there to do that can help me with this cold? I’m a person that loves modern medicine so instantly I took paracetamol and ibuprofen to ease my symptoms and be able to function as a person.

Also nose spray (Otrivin) but I was careful this time. I wasn’t overdoing it because it magically has the opposite effects if you spray too much. Once in the morning to help me go through work and once at night so that I can sleep better.

Then I know that since a cold it’s a virus there is nothing else I can do than just wait to run its course. However I knew I had to boost my immune system.

I’m a sceptical when it comes to home remedies. I understand that their purpose is not to make the sickness to disappear overnight, but what they do though is help ease the symptoms. A friend of mine suggested to make some healthy smoothies. I was convinced instantly so I went to the stores and bought fruits.

All in the mix!

We are entering the smoothies era people! For the past week I made one smoothie a day and what I mean by smoothie is not any hipster type of smoothie with coconut water and berries and chia seeds etc,  (nothing wrong with that) but I knew I had to go aggressive. Mandarines, ginger, blood oranges and green apples. Boom. All in the blender. No dairy products cause I don’t like them when I’m sick. And then drink it all. I did that every day and I have something to tell you.

Smoothies, fruits or whatever do not make the sickness go away (not in my case at least) BUT they do give you a great energy boost.

My cold fighting breakfast, mandarine, green apple and warm water with lemon juice and ginger.
Anti-cold smoothie

Sleeping helped a lot as well. I was in bed by 9pm every night. There was no way I could stay up longer than that. The combination of sleep and fruits made a difference in my energy levels. So for that only I do recommend trying smoothies out.

I’m not a specialist so I wouldn’t know but I could guess that we shouldn’t be overdoing it because it is sugar after all (the good one I suppose) so I’m not sure how good that can be in the long run.

I guess 2-3 times a week it’s a nice frequency.

But, oh man, does my stomach suffer. Yes it does. I think the yoghurt is added to help with the heartburns from all the acidity of citrus fruits. But after 4 days I feel significantly better so I don’t mind.

What I could call a hipster smoothie (don’t kill me xD ) but with no milk inside that’s why it turned out more solid than drinkable. Delicious though, avocado, banana and strawberries (frozen).

I do feel better and the cold is almost over but I know I have to keep doing it. I need my immune system up and running.

  • Exercising (light, heavy, whatever)
  • Proper eating (more veggies, no fatty stuff)
  • smoothies or fruits in general

The above are going to be my part of my lifestyle because I seriously need to be healthy and live long (and prosper xD).



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