Left earbud (Razer Hummerhead this time) always stops working. Is it a curse? Is it the universe?

So you know your earbuds right? Do you also have that problem that no matter what brand you buy, cheap expensive, whatever, one of them will always stop working after an x period of time. And that is a fact that will happen with mathematical precision.

My latest pair of earbuds is an amazing Razer Hammerhead v2. Do you know what’s amazing about it? The fact that the cable is flat makes is really amazing and that’s because makes it, in my opinion, more flexible in a non-flexible way if you get what I mean, because it’s not as easy for it to become a small messy ball in my pocket. Additionally it comes with a hard case which protects it from further mishandling so I was almost certain that my lovely earbuds will last for ever.

Oh no, hoIMG_20171207_181951.jpgw naive I have been. I really don’t know what happened but suddenly one day the RIGHT earbud stopped working. Yes I know I didn’t use the case all the time but, for example recently, I just had them in my bags front pocket, then out at my desk at work and then back in the pocket, then stayed there until I took them out at work again. And I didn’t use them everyday.

I’m convinced that I took good care of them. I mean I have been using them way more in the summer months, just in my jackets pocket, listening to music while walking and then back in my pocket in a small cable mass – which due to the fact that the cable is flat actually prevented it by becoming an impossible to loosen up knot, but just to give you an idea I have been rather rough on them in past. But not recently. So it took me quite by surprise when all of a sudden in the comfort of my desk it effing stopped working.

The first thing I did, of course, was to google. So I found some of the most common reasons why earbuds stop working and one of them is if you use them in bed, while sleeping.

Never, have I done that.

Then there is another reason which I might have been guilty some times and that is pulling the cord and not the actual plug. I suppose if you pull it hard enough the very thin copper threads inside the cable could break and that means no sound.

I guess that’s the magic line here. Those thin copper threads inside the cable (forgive me if there is a better explanation, I’m not an audio expert) are so sensitive that it probably takes nothing to break them.

So what do I do know? Well one way is to contact Razer to see if they can help. They have a very nice help function on their website but I stopped where it asks for some specific product information. Additionally I have no proof of purchase because it was a gift from my boyfriend and I’m not sure if he has any order confirmation email somewhere. Maybe.

Otherwise, there is the risky, diy way. My beloved boyfriend is kind of handy but so I asked him if he dares doing the only solution I found that could work. Cutting the cord at the edge where it connects with the plug, remove the broken part and reconnect the cable/threads to the plug. He hasn’t done that before but he could give it a shot. I mean it’s not like we have anything to lose. Only-left-earbud-working is not an option anyway so why not.

In the meantime I will do a research for my next pair of earbuds. I won’t go Razer-level again because apparently it doesn’t matter how expensive they are, earbuds will break down eventually so I’ll go for a budget but descent sound option.

If you have any suggestions by all means let me know!


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