Who’s back on WoW? Yes that’s right, me!!

It was inevitable. I mean I have started playing WoW since vanilla but then after Cataclysm I took a looooong hiatus. I don’t know why. But now the hiatus is over. I’m baaack. For The Horde of course.

It’s also a great long distance friendship activity where me and my friend who lives in Greece (and if you are new read I’m in Sweden) can now socialize and have fun geeking out on our favourite game killing mobs and elites. I mean what else would you ask from your buddy than help you kill that effing elite?

I don’t have much more to add but I leave you with some nice print screens.

#fitness wise I have been thinking of hitting the gym since the bicycling days are over for now. It’s winter you see and even if I put winter tyres there is no way I can stand the coldness biking. I have good biking clothes but still it’s too freaking cold. I admire those that do it but I’ll be patiently waiting for the spring (or for when the ice disappears) to get back on my two wheels.

I guess it’s going to be more geek thank fitness for a while xD



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