Ι’m selling my electronics… and finding motivation

This is just a random post. Not that much geeky or fitness.

No I don’t want to persuade you to buy the stuff I’m selling. It’s not very practical unless you live in Sweden cause the shipping costs are not worth the trouble.

I have many things that I don’t use any more, not because they are broken but because well I just don’t use them any more.

I had an old laptop, ok it was really old like 7 years old, a Sony Vaio, still functional but admittedly a bit slow but perfect for kids or for someone that doesn’t want much from a computer. It’s perfect for browsing and for… I don’t know using spreadsheets and stuff like that.

So I sold it for a very low price to a friend.

Then I have my mac mini from 2011. It’s old, but it still works. So I will give that to someone.

My apple keyboard, sold!

And it’s not that I’m without a computer. I have my killer asus laptop so just owning extra computer stuff seems stupid. But then again what kind of geek would I be? But instead of hoarding them I decided to give them away.

Then my partner asked me if I want to try and sell his old clothes as well. Expensive brand clothes (like Hugo Boss and Diesel) that don’t fit him any more cause he has lost 20 kilos.

Yeah, he did! He lost 20 kilos and it’s not even who was the pregnant one in this family xD but he did manage to do it and better than me. Talk about determination.

It’s amazing that he did it and I’m happy for it. He does motivates me a bit butand I’m not joking – the moment I try to diet and exercise I get sick. I have been mentioning it many times here and it might sound like a stupid excuse but it’s true. My son who is the light of my life, takes a lot of my energy off of me and that’s perfectly fine. He is my boy and I do everything for him. But I’m exhausted. My immune system is below 0. I don’t know if I lack iron ( which I do so I bought my supplements again) or something else but I must take vitamins and iron all year around as it seems. I figured it’s summer now people don’t get sick as often but I was wrong. It sucks to cough like an idiot and to have a stuffed nose all the time, to feel weak and to just wanting to sleep all day long. It’s no fun.

Seriously any advice to avoid getting sick is MORE than welcome.

But anyway, I hope this is the last sickness for the season. Wish me luck. Also with selling my stuff.

me being sick
“This is my sick and miserable self”



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