Bicycling (almost) during summer time

It’s finally summer time and what’s best to stay fit than bicycling in this wonderful weather!

Bicycling is a great exercise and in general is a great activity which I highly recommend it even though I’m “cheating” as said by others since I have an e-bike. And that’s true.  It is cheating if your goal is to train. But it’s not in my case. I just wanted something convenient to commute to work and to be able to drag my little one (aka with a bicycle carrier) without problem. I hate the idea of arriving to work sweating and smelling. 

However en e-bike is not a moped so I do get some action going on. I mean I do have to move my legs. The pedals don’t move by themselves. And it has helped me with my weight actually. I can only imagine what it would do to me if it was a mountain bike for instance. 

Anyway, today it has been a great sunny warm day so I put on my training clothes since I like to be comfy and they help with the sweat, I took my bike and loaded my kid to his carrier, met with a friend and her kid  and we biked in this amazing Swedish summer day.

If you are a parent and you like biking I recommend getting one of those trailers. 

If only every day in Sweden was as sunny as thus day.


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