Something geeky: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Hmm… look what I found in my draft folder. I seriously thought I had already posted it xD



When I’m not doing anything else, I’m gaming. Since my time is valuable and in shortage I don’t​ have the luxury of playing all the recent titles that have been released lately (Mass effect Andromeda you have to wait) so I’m investing my time in games I’m really passionate about. One of these is the Deus ex series.

Steam is my favourite platform to get my games (duh) and a few months ago I saw that Deus ex mankind divided was on sale, only 15€.

I couldn’t login to PayPal faster! I got it instantly cause I knew it’s an awesome game and 15€ is a ridiculously cheap price for that game.

And oh man was I rewarded. I love the gameplay, the combat style, the storyline, everything. It’s a the definition of cyberpunk which is my favourite settlement.

This game has to do with augmented humans Vs non-augmented ones. In other words it’s a debate between humans and humans with bionic parts.

It’s an great debate that reflects to every issue in our society that has two sides.

And it has an amazing style. If I was a guy I would dress exactly like Adam Jensen… I guess. I did check to see if there is any merchandise for women but it’s limited.

Yes I like games and if it’s a sci-fi one I completely get influenced by the fashion and style in it. I do. Which has inspired me for another geeky related post which will soon be published.

Back to the game, it’s so amazing that I can’t wait to find some time to sit and play.  it happens when my kid is asleep so it’s usually a couple of hours of gaming in the evening and that doesn’t happen everyday but I only see it as positive cause it will make the game last longer.

Really, if you are into sci-fi and cyberpunk stuff then I highly recommend it.

If you have played it, no spoilers please but I’m more than happy to have a spoiler free discussion with you and fangirl/fanboy the shit out of it xD


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