My training progress part #Ihavelostcount and a simple bonus recipe

I haven’t been progressing as much as I would have but there are many excuses reasons why that has happened and if you have been following me complaining and finding excuses explaining why then you know that a busy mum who gets sick a lot and doesn’t get enough sleep might find it challenging to exercise.

However spring and summer season is helping me to get motivated. I have also started a new thing which is not exactly related to training and exercising but it’s a new habit of mine that can help into keeping me on track me. I have started using a bullet journal. Since this post isn’t about bullet journalling (or bujo as it is called) I will explain as briefly as I can what it is about.

It’s about having a regular agenda/ calendar/ notebook, you know a paper one and a pen (or many colourful ones) and creating your one custom journal. One of the many things you can do is to make your one trackers so I have created one for tracking my training and my weight progress.

I have made this goal now to do the basic pilates exercises that my own personal pilates trainer (aka my sister) has given me and right after that to try and do a plank. Right now I cannot go over 20 seconds. But I will get there. I suppose my first milestone will be 1 minute.

Also I have changed my diet, or better, my eating habits. I have stopped eating chips, too much bread and too many fatty things. Luckily I love salads, in any form, and one dish that can give me variety and also helps me to get rid some weight is pasta salad. No mayo, no fatty dressings. Simple olive oil and balsamic or vinegar is great.

I don’t support the idea of getting rid of carbs but reducing them or avoiding stuff like white bread seem to help me a lot and when it comes to pasta I go whole grain. Combined with whatever veggies you like it can become a delicious meal. At least for me.

Additionally taking the bike to work has done its magic. So I shouldn’t complain because even though I’m not an uber fitness geek or a pro athlete I’m doing the best I can and it has given me some results.

I have lost 1.5 kilos since last time I checked so that’s good.

If you are also struggling and you hate the idea of dieting I strongly recommend pasta salads. Maybe not every day but try and include them in your weekly meals. I believe it will make a difference.

Here is an example of a salad I make.

  1. whole grain pasta (screws or pennes)
  2. cucumber in small pieces
  3. bell peppers in different colours
  4. cherry tomatoes
  5. change the cherry tomatoes for sun dried tomatoes
  6. (optional) pesto
  7. green olives.

Olive oil, whatever herbs you like and there you go.

Additional alternatives

  • hard boiled egg(s)
  • chicken in small pieces
  • shrimps (I would go with lemon and olive oil dressing on this one and dill)
  • mushrooms
  • red onions

Cook the past, mix everything and enjoy!

Do you have any similar recipes?


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