No time to exercise for the working mum… or is there?

Wow look what I found in the drafts. An amazing post I wrote back in January xD.  enjoy!


I have been so lazy. I blame the winter, the exhaustion and in no way am I blaming me xD

Since I started working full time my training time is limited to 5% of what I used to do which means that my weight has remain stable to a number of kilos that I don’t like. Plus it has been Christmas (aka food abuse) BUT luckily I have managed to keep it somewhat reasonable and I’m still on my original “stable” kilos.

The thing with working mums is that we get to drop our kids to daycare, go to work, pick up our kids from daycare (doesn’t matter if you or your spouse is doing the drop/picking up, at least not in our household, the time from our schedules is pretty much the same), come home, feed the baby (yes he is still a baby ok?!) give him his bath put him to bed and then… die yourself.

Obviously there is no time not for even one set of crunches. Booo I say to myself. Of course there is time. But I feel like I’m stuck into the twilight zone. This is the first time in a long time that I manage to spend some time in front of my computer, let alone work out. And, training your soul is as important as training the body #geektalk.

However, I will stop complaining and I will say that I’m lucky enough to work in an office where we have standing up desks which is a huge advantage. I mean the ones that you can choose yourself to move up and down.

I’m not used to standing up the entire time but I do change between positions whenever I feel rested enough. It might not help dramatically my kilos to start dropping but it does help a lot with maintaining a good posture and I have found online that it can help reducing your blood sugar levels, as well as increase productivity. The last part I can agree. It’s like I get into my fight mood when I stand up. I get serious into business.

So at least I’m doing something. And I have started very shyly to get back into weight lifting. It feels good to have strong arms.

I have thought many times to find one thing to do everyday and stick to it, like do a plank for like 30 seconds only. Every day but I’m too lazy even for that. I blame the darkness. I think when it’s spring time and the days are lighter I will have more appetite for exercising.

Do you feel the same?

*Exhausted mum off*


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