Mission handstand update…

I have not given up on my goal this year!!! I am getting better week after week! The key is to conquer my fear of taking a closer look of the floor!

Well I am not alone in this! Along with a friend of mine every saturday we have an hour and a half sessions with a wonderful flexibility and acrobatics instructor. They have both helped me so much! Every week at the end of our sessions we pracitce handstands! I am actually getting there! My first accomplishement was that I didn’t not freeze! I didn’t even pause so I didn’t lose my boost as I was placing my hands on the floor. I feel really confindent about it! What frustrates me is that it’s not actually a matter of strength but a matter of fear… Oh well!


If you wonder why I need a flexibility instructor since I am a pilates instructor myself let me give you some answers. For some reason people think that because of my Pilates background I should be super flexy, the “scratching my nose with my foot” kind… It’s a common misconception because the majority of the instructors in our field come from a dancing background like ballet or contemporary and since most of them have been practicing since they could walk it comes naturally to them. I have always struggled with this because it’s also a genetics things… Some people are just born stiffer than others! Pilates has helped me soooo much with this and I mostly work on functional flexibility. So now that I want to do splits I feel that I should have an expert’s help as I don’t specialize in that field. And finally… I too feel the need of some pampering… and when it’s time for me to work out I want to have someone else tell me what to do and not have to think for myself 😛

In the middle you see Maria our instructor… On the left my friend’s shirt says “Maria I hate you!!!” , mine says “Maria the more you strech me the more pumped up I get” (it rimes in greek 😛 )

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