Too much not-happening a bad cold and some smartwear (training motivation maybe?)

It’s not like I haven’t been taking my vitamins. I mean I practically have a mini pharmacy in my kitchen’s cupboard and honestly I still haven’t realised if they do work or if it’s a placebo effect.

Maybe it’s good to take some extra vitamins the days when I eat, let’s say, not-that-healthy and since the autumn has well arrived it’s better to be prepared than not prepared at all.

What sucks though is the lack of motivation to exercise or just go outside for a walk when I’m sick. And it’s stupid cause it’s actually very good to exercise. Ok not if you have like a high fever and you feel like you’re about to faint. But if you are somewhat ok I trully believe some light exercise can get the body going and make you feel better again.

If we take time back to three-four weeks ago, that was when I started to get somewhat busy and didn’t have time for too much training but I kept it simple. Abs situps and back back exercises was my routine 3 times a week. I mean it’s better than nothing, yes? And I kept going out as much as possible with my little one so it was not that bad, considering that I dropped two more kilos. Say what? Yes I did! Yay me.

However, like 10 days ago I got a terrible cold ( 😦 boo) and I lost it. I wasn’t that bad and I took whatever medication exists for colds and I kept it under control. Unfortunately my little boy got it as well and that’s not good at all. He is better now and I hope he won’t get sick for a long while now (haha, right)

On other news, guess who has a smart watch! Say what? Remember back then when I was sugaring this sexy moto 360 thing? Well now it’s mine!

And guess what, I love it. And yes I do need it. The cool thing is that it can track my walking routes constantly and there is no need to have my phone in my pocket. You know, since it’s tracking my every move I must say that I do walk a lot! I reach my daily goal so easily so maybe it’s time to increase the distance and time I have set as a daily goal.

Moto 360 has it’s own fitness app.
Yay! Go me!
Checking my heart beat. How cool is that?
Oh, and it can also tell the time! xD

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