Feeling a little rusty here …

Shame on me 😛

Yes since my clients started coming back my free time is limited … And sometimes I admit I am a little tired/bored to workout… Although when I teach a class I feel jealous, I just don’t have the energy when I’m done. I know it sounds bad but it is what it is. And I really mean it when I say I feel jealous… it’s like seeing their muscles relaxing while mine get tighter and tighter…

Luckily I manage to find sometime in the weekends and I try to make up for it! I

I usually film myself as well because I need to correct myself and I don’t have an instructor at home 😛 I also do it for two more reasons, first because I send tutorials to my sis as we now don’t have much time for skype sessions, and because I like trying dofferrent variations of the exercises and it’s nice to see what it looks like. I always try the variations I come up with myself before teaching them, to see what they feel like and work on the adjustments that might need to be made according to the the needs of the clients of course. Aaaaaaaaaaaand because we’re also geeks here let me say that so far every media in whatever format is posted here by me is created by my Nexus 5! Yes we both love these phones!

As you will see in the videos posted here I really am a little rusty and I feel like it as well. I had a pretty intense month -I participated in the organazation of the 1st Poleart Greece championship but that’s a whole other subject- and it shows. My left arm is also a bit injured and there is some pain but … oh well! There’s nothing some good old Pilates sessions can’t fix!

And here’s my cat!!!


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