Time to be creative

When you workout at home or in my case train people at their homes, or in a not fully equipped place for that matter, things become very challenging. I mean it’s so easy to provide a wide range of exercises when you have the Pilates apparatus in hand, but things become tricky when you don’t. To clear things up I need to say that the pilates matwork is excellent! But sometimes there is just so much you can do, especially with long term clients.


What comes to mind first is of course to play with levels, different forms of the exercise, alterations and combinations. What’s actually really great about the Pilates method it that as long as you have conquered the technique you can use it upon any type of workout, so in order to keep it interesting you can infuse different styles, combine exercises and movements, apart from the ones in your books. Pretty awesome right?


Another thing that comes in handy is using props. You know our beloved fitness balls -in all sizes, all kinds of rubber bands, foam rollers, flex rings, small weights etc. Props are great, they bring variety onto the table, they can be used to help in the execution of an exersice and of course simulate the classical equipment. I have to point out here that this is what I find very 12369208_1665596000395502_5473292176732964998_nintriguing, the simulation. I love finding ways to use these aids in order to practice exercises that would usually be perfomed on a reformer or a cadillac for example. There are also workshops where you can get ideas and learn new stuff but let’s not leave out creativity. As long as you respect and maintain the principles of Pilates, you’re good to go!

wp-1474963438646.gifAs I said before I like infusing different styles, so one of the things that I love to use as a part of my class is TRX. It can actually help in protecting your body from injuries and is a great type of workout when done properly.

But people remember … And  I cannot stress this enough… always always always consult a professional!!! I think I’m going to be repeating this a lot!



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