Going on endless walks have helped me to lose some weight. Well duh.

I haven’t been following my exercise regime to the letter lately. I have been busy – yeah right – but whatever I have missed by exercising I made it up with long walks with my little one.

I have walked shit loads of kilometers actually and luckily it has worked. I’m down 1,5 kilos which is quite an achievement! Go me!

I’m not complaining really, the weather has been fantastic , really nice and warm (wtf Sweden it’s September 😛 ) so it has been perfect to be outside. I have a friend who lives close and she also has a baby so it suits us perfectly to go for long walks. It’s always better if you have a friend.

So I highly recommend walking guys, especially if you have lots of sunny days. I would advise you to invest in a nice pair or walking shoes or trainers cause it really helps. I have a nice pair of Nike shoes but yesterday I was bored of the soccer mom outfit so I put on my Dr.Martens. Well, that was kind of a mistake. My feet hurt so there is no point in torturing my body like this.

I do miss my gothic-y style though, that’s why I was so keen on wearing my boots but my body is more important for the time being.

So ladies- and gents – nice comfy shoes and leggings or whatever works for you, as long as it’s comfy, get your stroller, get your babies (important) and just be outside.

I even found out accidentally on Pinterest a nice stroller exercising cheat sheet so I’m going to share it with you.



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