When am I going to play Deus ex mankind divided? 

Deus Ex is one of my favourite games and it’s up there together with Mass Effect and Half Life.

I have only played through the human revolution and briefly the first Deus ex.

The whole cyberpunk, futuristic, augmented humans thing just fascinates me. I’m not a fantasy person, I’m a sci-fi person period.

But Deus Ex is one of those games that requires your uttermost attention in order to take good ingame decisions and well in order to fully enjoy it.

Mums from all over are laughing at me right now. Like hahaha you have a soon 1 year old (what?! But that’s a completely different subject) and you want to game?

Haha good luck.

I know I know.

But I can always dream right? And sometime I’ll be able to do it! Please don’t deprive me from my dreams.

Now excuse me while I go do some planks cause I need to train this tired old body.


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