Happy new pole year…

pointout-blog-new-pole-year1Yep! It’s this time of year again! Schools are about to start and so are Pole Dancing Studios as well!!! Very exciting times for the past 4 years! As always I feel iron man strong and sooo pumped up and ready for anything! Like every year this is the year when I will conquer the most difficult and challenging tricks … Although… Well  my mood swings are in a very specific schedule. Let me explain to you what I mean…Better yet, let me describe a year in the pole dancer me 🙂

September through December
Everything is good and exciting and I love it! I start training again in my pole group I feel strong and even though sometimes I don’t get the trick 100% I feel so confident that I will do it eventually. I just tell myself that I have a whole year in front of me to try harder and get it right!
I need to mention here that this is also the time when we make the crucial decision of the theme of our choreography and the song we want to dance to, for the studio’s pole show at the end of the season. So that’s one more thing for which I can’t wait till I get to class every time! It’s so much fun when we start working on the choreo!

January through April
Weeeeeeeeeell things are starting to get real now, and I am counting backwards till the day of the show. After Christmas I always know how many weekends are left for rehearsals and a little bit of stress kicks in… We have picked our favourite tricks and combos for our choreo and there is always something that I can’t get right. Every year I have a different nemesis move which haunts me in my dreams. Sooo I nag and I get frustrated and I give deadlines to myself! “If I don’t have the perfect handspring by May I will not dance and next year I am going to a lower level because this is as far as I can go!” My friends in and out my pole group used to comfort me and tell me stuff like “we know you, you’ll get it you work hard” my instructor too “I’m not worried”, she said. Up until this year… I think they got tired of me or something… I was nagging and complaining to my best friend one day and she was not actually responding, so I asked her “don’t you have anything to comment? I am telling you I’m over with pole dancing I can’t go any further!!!”! Her answer? “Oh not at all, It’s this time of year again I was expecting it, you will nag and and nag and in the end you’ll do it and you’ll be happy and everything will be right again in the world…So what do you think of this purse?” Yes , she had the nerve to change subject! Oh well…

May through June (day of the show)

I am Ms Zen! Nothing gets to me! What’s done is done! We will have an awesome time! pointout-blog-new-pole-year2Let’s do this! Yes that’s still me… Crazy right? I get in a very zen mental state in which my confidence reaches the highest levels and stress hits rock bottom. Yes ok I feel a bit anxious right before I step on stage but that’s about it. Get this! I am the one who helps the others relax, having pep talks and all. “Come on guys this is what we’ve been working for! The show is our time to enjoy ourselves! It’s our moment to shine and have fun! It’s the day when we share our passion with our loved ones and show them what we’ve been doing this year! No one is coming to judge us, they just want to cheer for us and party with us. You think anyone will notice or care if we make a mistake? I surely don’t! And if someone thinks they can do better well be my guest! Let them come on up and do it!” Hard to believe right? I know I don’t recognise myself sometimes either. And then we go on stage have the time of our lives and our bond is getting stronger…

June(after the show) through July

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