To all the mums who use a baby carrier (and not only)

What type of exercise is it when you lift 10 kilos and move around?

No it’s not a kettle bell I’m talking about. It’s called mum-ing.

If you are a mum and you use a baby carrier to go out and about to do your chores, to calm a fussy baby or simply to take a walk, congratulations. You are officially training!

* political correct message of the day *

Even without a baby carrier it’s impossible for any mum to avoid physical movement and lifting their babies up and down and walking around so all mums do train whether they like it or not and all mums are super heroes. Hell, all women are super heroes.

* end of political correct message of the day *

However I do want to focus on the baby carrier thing and how it affects me and I believe many mums in my position can relate.

I have a relatively big baby who is close to 11 kilos now and I do have a baby carrier and sometimes.thats the only way for me to do my stuff. And do you know what it’s called carrying an eleven kilos baby for an hour or more ? Training. Yes. Exercising. So whether you like it or not my dear mums you do train and I know how tough it can be.

The other day the only way for me to calm my fussy baby and to make him sleep was to carry him. And that went on for 2 plus hours. And it was bloody hot. But of course I had him on me and luckily he managed to nap like this.


Please make sure you have invested in a good baby carrier so that your back or weist won’t suffer.

I personally have the Ergobaby 360 ( no affiliation, honestly) and even though it’s a bit pricey it’s so much worth it. I mean after 2-3 hours yes I was tired but I didn’t have any back pains. Well, granted doing pilates do help and those dorsal exercises have indeed strengthen my back core a lot.

So yeah, I feel you girls and even if you don’t hit the gym don’t think for a second that you are doing nothing. Having extra kilos on you and being on the move for who knows how much time it’s hard and it’s only making you stronger, so be proud and keep doing your amazing job.

Any mum, any woman, you (we) guys rock!


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