Back from holidays. Here’s what happened

Almost a month ago we went to Denmark for our holidays and it was amazing! We stayed.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m a geek and while traveling my phone becomes my best friend. Well my phone is always my best friend but it becomes extra close during traveling.

When we are visiting new places I do trust Foursquare for finding coffee places or restaurants. What I usually do is I instantly read the comments which gives me an idea if the place I’m looking for is a place I’m going to like or not.

That’s how I found an amazing cafe with delicious coffee in Aarhus that will satisfy even the pickiest coffee snob.

I also got recommendations on the homescreen on visiting the Aarhus art museum to take the rainbow panorama walk. And that was the first time I got such an excellent tip from an app!

Ok guys if you ever happen to visit Aarhus in Denmark you must go there. It’s an amazing experience. My tip: Do one round with your phone or camera and take as many pictures as you want, check in, do all the geeky stuff. And then do another round with no phone, just to enjoy the view.

Oh and if you have an android phone, you can take advantage of Google Now. It gives you information about the location and what are some  places that worth visiting.

However, since this is also a fitness blog I must say something fitness related, lol.

So in the fitness area, Google Fit was my best friend. I didn’t use Runkeeper during this trip cause I never remembered to turn it on, but Fit is always on so that was easier. And this is, I believe, a good way if you are on a training schedule to keep track of your progress and stay somewhat in shape even when you are on holidays.

I get to see how many steps I walked, how much time I have been active and so on, and it is actually pretty rewarding getting that notification that says “Goal achieved”. Yay me!


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