Living the sugarless life…

So I have decided to cut sugar off my life… and I mean mostly processed sugar. I came recently to the realization that although I was trying to keep it healthy , most of the supposably healthy stuff I was eating like cereal, granola bars dried fruit, are full of sugar! Added sugar! Well they had to make them tasty one way or another.

Well I’m not completely against sugar but I have being tricked to eating it, especially all this hidden amount. I mean what’s the point in switching to black coffee from semi-sweet if I’m going to get the sugar from my cereal??? Well for the last two years I’ve been spending twice the time in the supermarket cause I’m reading he ingredients in everything trying to find the no added sugar products. I am also trying to find supplements, ok there are sweeteners of course but there is also honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, all things I am testing and are supposably healthier.


Good thing is I am not alone in this. My boyfriend respects this choice and luckily he loves cooking and baking so he tries to help me. He is very supportive I must admit, searching for healthy recipies all the time and making them!!! Last thing he made was this awesome chocolate dessert with absolutely no sugar at all just naturally sweetened by dates and honey! It was so unexpectedly good! And this comes from a man that before he met me the only kind of salad he aknowledged was cherry tomatoes and mozzarella…

I don’t want you to think for one minute that I’ve given up on it completely! I do have my occasional candy bar or ice cream. What I try to accomplish is to cut it off my everyday life and I think it’s going pretty well! I feel better, too!

This is the recipe for anyone interested… Well he found it in a greek website sooo Β I guess Google Translate πŸ˜›

I’ll get back with more sugarless treats!


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