Working out in the nature, there is nothing more refreshing.

The other day I decided to take it to nature. It was a lovely day and I decided to take my stuff and hit the road. I’m lucky enough to live in a very green-full-of-parks-and-trees area so when the weather allows it I want to exercise outside if possible.

I do go for walks even if it’s raining (yay for rain clothes) so it’s not like I’m waiting for the weather to do stuff – I would be doomed since I live in Sweden.

The location here is one of my favourites. I decided to document it and take my mini tripod and shoot me while I try to plank.Β Yes ladies and gentlement, I have started planking with the help of my own PT – my sister.

So I won’t bore you with more text, I will let the images talk by themselves.

But I will say this, as I have written on the title, working out in nature is the best thing ever! If you have the opportunity guys, don’t feel shy, just do it. No one is looking at you, and if they do, fuck’em.


Notice my small tripod and camera on the bottom right corner
Getting in position right before planking (and yes that’s a towel in lack of a yoga mat)
Beautiful location ❀
My bad ass leggings. When I have them on I mean serious business (ok not really but they are pretty bad ass, yeah?
I promise I’m not sideways it’s the angle of the phone. It’s not easy doing pilates exercises and taking pictures at the same time!

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