And so I did it. I went to the outdoors gym and trained. Here is how it went

Well that was awesome. Exhausting but awesome!

I took my backpack, put in a bottle of water a banana and my keys and I off I went. A backpack might me too much but hey I didn’t want to carry a banana all the time.

My necessary tools

I put on my training clothes, took my phone and my amazing Razer earbuds, put on my favourite EBM tracks – did you know that EBM is amazing for working out? The upbeat tempo is the best thing to keep you going – and ready I was!

I arrived at the machines area but I knew I had to keep it low, I didn’t want to exhaust myself too much. After all it was my first time. Anyway, I jumped on the elliptical machine and I started working out. Since these machines work with your body weight, and there is no hydraulic mechanism to make the movement  smooth, you need to be careful to find your pace and keep it steady. Not as easy for the rookie me.

Elliptical machine today you are mine! This is the happy me-before-face.

Since I didn’t want to over do it, my plan was to work out for 10 minutes and then go for a long walk following the hiking path in the nearby hill, as per boyfriend’s instructions.

His advice -and of course it’s common sense in the training world- is to get your heart rate up and keep it up. That’s when you start to burn calories. Honestly I don’t know how many calories I managed to burn but I don’t care. I was sweating like a pig!

Don’t let the filters and the smooth effects trick you (I’m a sucker for picture editing) I am exhausted and sweating.

After I was done I went for my walk. Wow, that was hard, but in a twisted way so much fun!

That’s the path I followed.

All in all I did walk many kilometres plus the elliptical machine so I say that was a great working out day!


That’s my total walking distance. It’s in two parts. The first on the left is on my way to the gym area and the second is my walk on the hiking path.

The day after

Oh the pain! My legs hurt so much, which is good cause it means that I got those muscles going.

No I walk like I’m 150 years old but I went for a calm walk today to ease the pain a bit. I will survive… I guess xD



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