Google assistant…

So ok yesterday I had a revelation … I discovered Google assistant! Woohoo!!! I’ve had my Nexus for quite sometime but I’m a noob so I was not familiar with this amazing feature… soooo since yesterday I’ve been burning brain cells creating gifs and movies and everything it offers… I will post some of them here!

Well they are not all necessarily related to fitness or technology whatsoever but I’m just happy with my new toy!

First of all I’m obssessed with GIF images! You can select from 2 to 50 pictures and create your own moving picture! Amazing…

And then there are videos … small videos were your assistant adds filters and music and just makes them really cool. You can either select videos or photos to create them. I have an example of each next.




Oh! And a tip for posting your GIF images. Not all social media support this kind of file, for example instagram, so what you need to do is to convert them to videos. I found this little fella to help me out today  . Some times Instagram will tell you the video is too small so while converting you will just have to increase the repeats number.

I’m all noobed out for today! See ya!



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