Mission “Upside Down” !

Oh the horror! I’ve always dreaded handstands… Yes I know it doesn’t make sense especially since I’m pole dancing and most of the time I’m upside down … But … the thing is that there is a huge difference for me. It’s one thing to try to stand on your hands with the floor so close to your face and a whole other thing to be hanging near the ceiling. I feel much more safer on the pole than on the floor. I guess cause i have time to get a good grip If I slip, grab it one way or another… the floor is just there waiting to be properly introduced to your nose -_-

The weird thing is that if I have some help to get me there I can hold myself! What troubles me is doing it all by myself. And before you ask… No the wall is not helping … Elbow stands are a bit easier for me I feel so much more safe but still I struggle.

So now I decided to go on my own personal mission to try to achieve handstands on my own! Don’t tell me I’m the only one!


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