My fitness journal so far – mini update.

There is no doubt that our training sessions do help – just not in the direction I wish for the moment :P.

I have been getting stronger and I feel it. I don’t get as tired, I can lift my baby easier, I last longer and in general I have a bit more energy.

So yes, excersicing helps you guys, lol!

However, I need to step it up a bit. The boy is growing fast and I need to get even stronger. I need to discipline myself and even though I’m a gamer, which means I do spend sometime in front of the computer, I need to be even more active.

Additionally the scale is stubborn and doesn’t want to go down. I need to also get serious with my eating style and to make some changes there as well. Less carbs, more protein and more veggies. That’s common sense I guess, unless you have a certain medical condition in which case don’t pay attention to what I say and consult your doctor.

And since I’m back from my holidays it’s time I start working out a bit more. Do you hear sis? So now that I bought my lifting weights things are going to get serious!

My 1 kilo weights
This is me getting serious xD



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