Eating healthy(-ier) while on holidays. Is it really possible?

Yes it is. It is hard though but I somehow managed it. I say somehow cause I did indulge in some sweet temptations but all in all I believe I kept a good balance.

When I go on holidays I want to taste the local foods as part of the experience and I highly recommend you to do that.

That doesn’t mean though eating sweets and lots of creamy fatty foods all the time. Of course you are going to taste the local pastry but you don’t have to do it everyday.

I was lucky this time cause we went to Denmark and I have been there so many times. Not that I don’t enjoy the local delicacies. I could eat “Smørrebrød”  and sausages everyday. But I tried to keep it balanced. Luckily I’m a huge sushi lover and even though it’s not the absolute best (I know rice is just plain carbs) it’s healthy enough and I love it. So I ate sushi almost everyday.

Eating sushi like a greek souvlaki. Oh the shame!

So yes, it’s a lot of carbs, one may argue, but it’s better that pizza or burger and fries.


There is nothing wrong in eating a balanced meal in a restaurant but if you are anything like me on holidays I go out of hand.

An ice-cream there, another pastry here, another plate of some local dish there and on and on and on xD

But you know what can help a lot?  Walking. If you are the exploring type of person that’s amazing. Stay outside as much as you can and visit as many local spots as you can. Staying active will definitely benefit your body and might make you feel less guilty for eating that extra cookie.

I can’t say that I lost weight, that would be just silly. But the scale is the same as I left it before so I take that as a win!


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