Struggling to lose that baby weight

If you have been following this blog you know that my sis and I are doing online pilates sessions. She is the trainer and I’m the one who desperately needs to lose weight and strengthen up.

I mean it’s high time I get rid of all that baby weight. It seems that the scale is stuck and refuses to go down no matter how hard I train. Well, to clarify, it’s not like I’m hitting the gym on a daily basis but I do take strolls with my baby (which apparently helps every other mum around here to lose weight) and I did start working out with sis.

But I guess my body needs some dieting. Not that I eat junk food. But it’s not that I have been dieting really. I mean I do eat homemade food and we don’t do take-outs. But I know I know, I’m not against carbohydrates – the opposite actually, even if we diet I do believe we need some carbs in our meals – but I have been eating lots of pasta and sandwiches.

So it’s not that I don’t know what needs to be done. A few years ago I had a serious local fat problem so I went to a specialist and we went through a custom diet programme for me, but it’s pretty much common sense.

If one eats pizza one won’t lose weight. If one eats salads or a not too fatty dish of a nice mix of protein-carbs-salad then you have more chances to lose weight.

I should point out that I’m no specialist and whatever I say I base it on my own history and experience. But we can all agree that too much cake is not helping anyone.

So, even though I am walking many kilometers a day – for my standards at least and comparing to the previous non-exercising lifestyle- if I want to lose weight I need to adjust my diets. And so I have for the past week.

I won’t go hardcore cause tending to a baby is pretty exhausting and if I decide to go all lean foods and salads and proteins I will not have the energy to take care of him.

But I will be more careful. And I will share what I eat occasionally. Just for fun and for some inspiration!



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