Fitness Instructors are people, too…

Well I have a confession to make here…

When one thinks of fitness instructor of any kind they always think that this person is pumped up working out all the time and was a well rested and firm body and never gains any weight. Ok so most of the times it might be the case – not the well rested body though – especially if you take in mind all this brainwashing images on the media. I believe it actually depends on the person and the kind of activity they are teaching.

First of all we must admit that we all like eating, some might have better self control than others but ok … c’mon don’t expect every fitness instructor to eat lettuce and grapes all day long – wee bit exaggerating there but you get my point. Yes it is possible to gain some weight at some point and there are so many reasons for that to happen. Mostly time time is to blame like in most people’s lives. We might forget a meal or actually be on the run and don’t have time for it but yes it’s mandatory to make time, otherwise you might just eat a bucketload of food just out of hunger and that is not healthy no matter what you are eating.

ψαδιλλακSecondly you must keep in mind what line of work this person actually is in. One thing is that many  of us have also other kind of occupation alongside which are also time consuming. I addition to that being a fitness instructor doesn’t always mean that the person is standing in front of the class performing exercises and the rest of them are just following. For example in my case I am always spotting, I cannot do the exercise while in session, I want to be there making sure that everyone works to their own needs, alter the exercise if needed explain more and helping them. So as a result I am not working out with them. By the end of the day I feel so low on energy that I don’t have the mental strength mostly to “teach myself” .





I must say I have been struggling with this for the past few years quite a bit. People often ask when do I work out, or question the fact that sometimes I have various pains on my neck or back etc. because as they said I shouldn’t because I’m a Pilates instructor. The thing is that I rarely find the time and courage to do it myself but when I do yes I feel wonderful. I try to make up for the lost time mostly around the summer when my schedule gets more loose. I also enjoy the rush that TRX gives me.


I should mention here the one activity though that saved me both mentally and physically. You know sometimes when you want to do something for your body and in my case especially, you just want to relax not think about anything and have someone else teach you. Pole dancing was an excellent getaway for me. Sure I never forgot the principles of Pilates I always apply them to my classes. I actually apply them to every activity I do even if it is plain walking and I encourage everyone to do so as well.


So let’s forget for a minute here the perfect bodies that media feeds us and keep in mind that fitness instructors are people, too. People who at some cases feel the need to live up to those images so that they don’t disappoint clients, and let me tell you it can be a struggle.


Photo by Nicholas Stavropoulos


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