Back to gaming

As a geeky person I cannot stay away from gaming for that long.

It has been months since I enjoyed a good game but luckily lately I got a break.

I present to you my new gaming beast.

This new baby is an Asus gaming laptop which is very lightweight which means it’s perfect to have it even in bed and playing casually while baby is sleeping.

I have been browsing Steam for a cool game and since I’m a fan of the Mass Effect and Deus Ex:HR games I found a similar one (based on recommendations) which is called Alpha Protocol.

Wow. It’s an old-ish game (released 2010) but it has a very cool plot and if you like stealth, spy, shooters or action rpgs I highly recommend it.

Since this is a fitness blog it’s very important to mention that I don’t like to burn games for hours while devouring junk food, sitting in a chair all day long (stereotyping).

A few hours of gaming a day it’s ok as long as you move people. Take a walk, go for a run or do some exercises at home. Don’t mistreat your body. We are gamers but we should respect our bodies above everything.

Stay fit and game on!


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