To the rescue!!!

Sooo as I was walking home today I looked at my Nexus ( :p ) to find a message from sis

-Where are you???

-Just left from a class and going home

-I have back pain he’s getting heavier ( <3)

-Ok talk when I get home I’ll give you some relaxing exercises.

So the minute she also got home we had a video call session to help her relax from all the heavy lifting ๐Ÿ˜›ย pushups2

As we talked I understood that she meant she was in pain around the waist so the first thing that might relax the discomfort are pelvic lifts. We also treated the area with some clockwise pelvic movements -I will not get into details because I believe that one should always consult a professional and since I know my sis’s condition I knew this was the path to take. Later on of course the cat can be very helpful keeping it in the position that feels more comfortable.ย pushups

After that she asked me to give her at list one exercise to give her best … So I thought… PUSH UPS! Ok not the Pilates push up yet but a general introduction to the exercise, with easier leg positions – first on the cat position with legs completely vertical to the floorย and then for the second set she leaned a little forward to make the angle withe the floor wider- just to start gaining some muscle strength on the arms. I really believe that push ups even the modified ones are one of the best ways to tone up the arms.


After that of course we said our goodbyes wearing our cool cat eye sunglasses!





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