Gimme a break Drake!!!

Ok so, after a long day of teaching some classes and saving my sis’s life  I decided to relax with some ps4 -yes I enjoy saying ps4- and to be more specific I decided to resume Uncharted. I recently bought me the remastered trilogy so I am taking them from the beginning. I’m on the first one at the moment and as I have mentioned numerous times I am not a good gamer…  nate

I hadn’t played for a couple of months so I didn’t actually remember my last checkpoint. I was startled by a few zombies I must admit. I killed them a few times … at least 8.

After that I had to go after the bad guys and save the girl, gunfire again… shoot some goons and oh wait ! Zombies again! Annoying, fast moving zombies! I must have returned to the checkpoint at least 7 times … I mean c’mon Nathan Drake!!! zombie

You know one can only die so many times… at this point I really hate Nathan … I will love him again tomorrow but right now I wanna bang his head against a wall, and since I am actually him I decided to turn off the game since I am quite fond of my head.





Yes I must be the worst gamer ever, pretty sure I suck at it… But I love it!!!




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