Do I really need a wearable gadget? Probably not but I surely want one.

Wearables! Ah yes, those expensive (or not so) little gadgets that you can wear and they get connected to your smartphone and they tell you so many (un)necessary things.

I definitely don’t need one, but damn I do want one.

I’m an android fan, I own a Nexus 6P and if I could afford right now I would love to have the Motorola Moto 360

I mean look at that slick, chick watch. The reason why I like it is because it doesn’t really look like an android/tech/gadget watch, rather than a normal beautiful watch.


But at a starting price of 300 dollars it’s way out of my budget. But with this you get to have a mini android device on your wrist. What’s the point you might ask since you have your phone already probably in your palm, holding it. Well, I know I agree but it’s cool and if you are like me – a tech lover – it doesn’t really matter if you need something as long as you want it!

flexA more budget friendly solution would be something like the Fitbit flex, an adorable bracelet which is not an android device really, it’s what I would call an exercise companion, which is still cool. I do see the necessity of this actually since I am outside walking a lot and I do check my phone often to see how I’m doing and sometimes I forget to turn Runkeeper on. Then again I do have Android’s Fit always on but if I don’t have the phone on me, let’s say it’s on the prams front pocket, then it doesn’t count accurately my steps.

So a Fitbit flex would make sense since I’m checking how many steps I’m doing daily anyway.

And for some philosophical discussion, technology is not that bad my friends. The stereotype is still there that geeks are lazy people, stuck in front of a computer blah blah blah. No. Technology offers great tools. If you are lazy you are with or without your computer, your phone or your gadget. But if you are an active person technology will not make you lazy or slow. Technology can be a great training help.

I mean besides the above how many of you do you jog or go to the gym, or just go on your daily commute with earbuds and your favourite radio station, or mp3, or podcast, or music app on your phone? I’m guessing many of you.

So this were I leave you and I suppose I’m going to start saving for that Moto 360.



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