My fitness journal Weeks 2 and 3

The weeks go by and I’m already feeling stronger. And we are only talking about 3 weeks time and not working out everyday because it’s hard to find some time (I know I know, silly excuses)


Even though our workout sessions are only 20-30 minutes long I have started to feel better both mentally and physically. I do lift my baby but it’s not as hard anymore. It’s not that I have built the greatest  muscles ever but things have started to get into motion and I notice it.


And even if it’s the biggest cliche of all times, I will say it. My energy levels have increased and when there are days that I feel slow and completely drained, even 10 minutes of ab crunches make a huge difference.


This is what we have been doing the past two weeks so that you can get an idea of what I’m actually doing it and hopefully to get some inspiration.


Ok so Pilates breathing is a must so I need to practice it every time along with my cervix exercises. We added some more advanced abs and we focused a bit more on my spine. We started working on roll-ups and teaser intros. We also started practicing some support exercises -back and front.

At this point I want to mention how cool it is to have my own pilates PT who can help me by creating a customized workout schedule specifically made for my needs.


And I can only get more excited cause we are closer to planks. Yes, I’m that weird to actually look forward to that. It’s tough, it will make me sweat but it will work out my entire body and it will strengthen all my muscles.


This mom is starting to get into shape!


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