Relax after working out

So… As I have said before I might be the fitness part of the duo but I enjoy gaming just as much. I might notbe the best gamer but oh well! I decided to pop by and share some of my favorite games. Keep in mind that I usually play them long after their release date…

After a long day of teaching pilates classes and working out myself I like to kick back and relax with a nice intersting game. I usually play adventure games because of course I feel a special kind of clarity and I’m so ready to deal with criminals and riddles and all the kinds of stuff we love about this genre! Might not be the actual case but who cares ?wolf1

This past week I decided to play “The wolf among us” a Telltale adventure game that has been out for sometime (I’m not up to date with my gaming) and it came in five episodes. Based on the DC comic books Fables regarding our beloved fairy tale characters, it was like watching a noir cartoon show in which you can also be a part of. The amount of effort it needs from you is just enough to not tire you or bore you. The duration of the episodes was just right to play for the fifteen or twenty minutes you need to unload and relax your muscles in a pleasant way . – See what I did there ?



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