Geeky Mom- my fitness journal, Week 1



I have an adorable but wild little boy. He is 8 months old but he is crawling and he is a heavy, strong boy. Which means that I need to keep up. I was not used to lift and carry a 10 kilo package 24/7 (ok not 24 but lets say 18/7). Changing a diaper has become a challenge since the little dude refuses to stay still. That requires some physical strength, otherwise our entire apartment will be covered in poo.

I have never taken a faster decision in my life. I instantly messaged my sister and told her “Listen, you HAVE to make me stronger”, “Cool” she said “I was waiting for you to tell me that. Let’s do this”


So after that discussion she got me going instantly with a light mix of exercises to awake my body.

What we have been doing basically is going trough the principles like having a relaxed body so that to get the best of each exercise and also getting rid of any pain and muscle stress. I know my muscles have suffered alot! So after that we started doing some light exercises like pe like pelvic lifts and small leg circles in order to release tension from the spine and joints.


Getting my cervix back on track is very important especially for a new mom so we immediately started working on that with the proper breathing and exercising the perineum. A lot like kegels but we did not stop there. Of course we have to work our way up to the abdominals to strengthen the pelvis.ξαπλα

Back exercises of course … all this “heavy lifting” has been hard on my back. I wake up and I feel so stiff. I need to be flexible again. So we did a few light ones on the floor and then used a rubber band for arm circles to release tension from the shoulder blades.

And of course at the end of each session I couldn’t get away without doing the well known Pilates Cat!

And you know what. It has been working because even in a few days period I managed to loose 800 gr which was a surprise. I have never managed to lose weight that fast (ok maybe when I was 20). And not only that. I do feel like I have more energy. Maybe not that much energy when my boy has kept me up through the night, but it does help me to clear my head and feel somewhat rejuvenated. So it’s a win win.13493734_981564235285001_1011486010_o


This first week has been only the warm up period.

Let’s see how the next weeks will go!


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