How to stay in shape with the help of your smartphone


One of the greatest bias (with a small grain of truth) is that technology and health do not mix and that’s because we all know and might have lived firsthand that when we sit on our computer, we hardly get up. However let’s put computers aside and let’s get down to another favorite technology, our mobile phones. And do not tell me that you can survive if your phone is within 60 centimeters away from you because it is a lie!

Of course the fact that  we are technology lovers  does not mean that we don’t take care of our body, especially when there are many ways to combine both and not sit on our couch dawdling. So I as a lover of technology and as a person who loves their body I will give you some simple tips to help you get up, put comfortable clothes and shoes on and get out of the house and exercise enjoyable with the help your beloved smartphone.

With two very simple applications you can make an easy and pleasant weekly program, thus avoiding paying subscription to a gym, or even if you do subscribe to your favorite place, with my advice I hope you’ll manage to make your workout more enjoyable. Besides, we all have our bad days, yes I mean those days when we barely get up to drink water, let alone going to the gym, so anything that can motivate us is welcome.

The first application is the so-called Runkeeper which is available for android and apple devices. The application is free (with the possibility of payment for unlocking extra services) which requires GPS to locate your position on the map and keeps track on how many meters or kilometers you have done, either by walking or running or cycling etc. There is of course the possibility to record your activities and your mileage on your own.



In Addition you can set your own personal goals or select from the already set schedules. For example, if you want to train for a marathon, you have a schedule that helps you, then again if you want to lose weight there is also a specific schedule. There are many options and the free version covers you completely.


And which is the other application that you can combine with Runkeeper to make the entire activity more enjoyable? The well-known Spotify, which can be installed on your smartphone for free, and has created lists of music based on mood or activity. Personally I use the power walk list (print screens and link) in which not  all the songs are my favorite, yet I have done a great job on  following a steady pace, suitable for a brisk walk, which is an  ideal way to exercise, both for burning fat and/or maintaining fitness. Also Runkeeper and Spotify are collaborating now and they bring you the Runkeeper Spotify Running – this update is is only available for ios for now- a list which detects your tempo in order to match the songs to it or you cat manually adjust it according to your speed. It’s completely free as well so give it a go!


So we are destroying the prejudice that is marrying technology to a healthy lifestyle, and we maintain our fitness using our favorite device and a pair of headphones.

Have fun!


Get more info on the apps here





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