Fitness Geeks

So here we are finally ! We have been meaning to do this a long time ago and at last we got around to it! We are a sisters duo who share common interests and different passions!

We both love gaming but only one of us is the expert… we both love exercising but again only one of us is the instructor… So we try to combine technology and fitness and here we are now to share it with you.

Xanthi is an SEO specialist and has built many websites in her lifetime, an excellent gamer, let alone she now is also a full time mom so… cudos Xanthi!

Christina is a certified Pilates, TRX and BRIS instructor mostly concentrating in Pilates contrology.


We both enjoy gaming and iiiiif we manage to sync our schedules we stream together. We also like working out so we have some skype sessions (no we do not stream our workout sessions although it would be a blast)

Oh let me just say for the record that Xanthi lives in Sweden and I ( Christina) live in Greece so this is why the streaming and the skyping happens. We also like to share with one another individual experiences eg a new game one has played or exercises we’ve tried.

So! Here we are to prove that geeks are not couch potatoes that couldn’t care less for a healthy lifestyle and of course that fitness freaks are not intolerable noobs that only know the on/off buttons!


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